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Wide Bay Astronomy, centred in Hervey Bay on Queensland's beautiful Fraser Coast, is once again structured as an "informal group of friends with a common interest" after winding up the registered entity, Wide Bay Astronomical Society Inc. incorporated in January 2010 by a group of local amateur Astronomers formed on 2008.

This means we no longer have to hold the regular, minuted, general meetings required by law, but will continue with monthly Observing nights on Saturday nights closest to a new moon for members of our group or gusts who would like to join us.

Member's skills range from beginners to established amateur astronomers, with interests in cooking, playing guitar, fishing, astrophotography - see the Members Gallery - the science of astronomy, and quantum mechanics.

Sharing knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Cosmos is a common passion, as is gazing in wonder at night skies through the eyepiece of a telescope, then capturing the images to share with friends.

Although we will no longer hold meetings at the Fraser Coast Campus of USC, we will continue to hold ad-hoc public education events as well as our monthly "Dark Sky" Observing nights throughout the year.

Come spend a night as a guest at our next 'Dark-Sky' Observing night.

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Latitude S 25 15'
Longitude E 152 49'
Magnetic Declination
10 21' East Positive

Solar Eclipse 2012 - Courtesy Ashley Bowyer


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